Table of Contents


The Need for Intercultural Competency Development in Classrooms

The Call for Intercultural Skills

Engaging Diversity for Intercultural Outcomes

The Promise and Challenge of Diverse Classrooms

Goals of the Monograph

Lessons of the Past

Tensions and Misconceptions

The Challenge of and Need for Integration

Student Voices: Reflections on Engaging Diversity in Different Disciplines

Next Steps

Understanding Intercultural Competence and Its Development

Importance of Foundational Knowledge

Core Premises of Intercultural Competence

Building Blocks of Intercultural Competence

The Process of Intercultural Development

Outcomes of Intercultural Competence Development


Developing a Pedagogy That Supports Intercultural Competence

Institutional Context

Beyond Content and Content-Based Pedagogy

The Challenge of Intercultural Pedagogy

An Integrated Framework for Intercultural Learning

Intercultural Pedagogical Principles

Developing Intercultural Pedagogy—A Continuous Process That Happens Over Time

Classrooms as Privileged Spaces


Engaging Diversity Through Course Design and Preparation

Incorporating Intercultural Pedagogical Principles into Course Design


Practicing a Pedagogy That Engages Diversity

Applying Intercultural Pedagogical Principles to Classroom Facilitation


Summary: Conclusions and Recommendations



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